About the Tasting Room

An Educational Experience

World Class Michigan Wine

The capacity for Michigan to produce wines that are at the same time fruit forward, food friendly and impeccably balanced is unmatched by many wine producing regions of the USA.  Part of our mission is to promote the Michigan industry, and the Lake Michigan Shore AVA in particular.  To this end, we draw from our experience and expertise to make the most of southwest Michigan's wine-friendly soil and climate. In our Baroda tasting room, you will find wines that are distinctively world class.

Real World Experience

Wineries in Michigan and elsewhere rely heavily on tasting room traffic and sales, so experience with customers and direct to consumer sales is an important component of the   Wine and Viticulture Technology Program  at  Lake Michigan College.  Our graduates are educated in vineyard management and quality wine production, so they also gain first-hand experience and gratification as they present and sell the world-class wine that they and their fellow students helped to produce.