• Sweet Riesling

    Sweet Riesling

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Price: $18

Vintage: 2015

Variety: Riesling

Appellation: Lake Michigan Shore

Grower: SWMREC, Michigan State University: Benton Harbor, Michigan

pH: 2.9

Titratable Acidity: N/A

Alcohol by Volume: 10%

Tasting Notes:
Fermented in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks to preserve natural juice sugars and fruitiness.

Tasting Notes:
A well balanced Riesling with vibrant aromas 
of green tea and tangerine, with notes of honey and candied orange. This food friendly, off-dry Riesling is sure to please dry and sweet wine drinkers!

Jerk chicken, swordfish, spicy sausage, sorbet, bleu cheese.