Vin Doux

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Price: $20

Vintage: 2016

Variety:  Traminette

Appellation: Lake Michigan Shore

pH:   3.20

Titratable Acidity:   6.0 g/l

Residual Sugar:   5.20 g/l

Alcohol by Volume:  16%

Winemaking Notes: “Vin Doux” means sweet wine, and this dessert style wine takes inspiration from the vins doux naturels from the south of France.  Lake Michigan Shore Traminette was fortified to boost the alcohol content to 16%, and also sweetened naturally with unfermented juice.  The wine was bottled after nearly two years in oak barrels.  The Vin Doux is an excellent as an aperitif or even better with dessert.

Tasting Notes: Honey comb and peach nectar, with a butterscotch finish.

Pairings:  Dry-aged cheese or a New-York style cheesecake.